A Global Search for Meaning

The great resignation of 2021, and even 2020, is a focus on meaning, not money. Higher pay is great, but not the prime motivation for human existence. One thing Covid has taught persons around the world is that life is tenuous. People aren’t quitting horrible jobs because they are life-draining, but they need a purpose. Although treating people like rented mules is also a factor. I believe we should relabel the GR as the Great Search for Meaning. We all know someone affected by the pandemic and it’s not over yet.

People are taking the time to finally ask philosophical questions about their life goals and what better place to find answers than in the Lord? If God isn’t at the center of your life, nothing else will fall into place. Remember the movie City Slickers? Billy Crystal’s character is in mid-life crisis and Jack Palance tells him the answer to his search is in one thing. For Crystal’s character, that one thing is his kids. A noble and relatable reason for life, but one that isn’t complete.

We all belong to God first and to our family second. The epiphany of children being the main reason for life will fall short when they leave home. What will he do then? Live for updates on their lives? The point here being context, the one thing has to be the biggest. By living for God, we nurture the primary relationship for which God made us. When we make the focus anything related to this world, it will eventually fade. By focusing on your Father and your relationship with him, you remain centered in the one source that is infallible.

Jesus Wants Your Life to Have Purpose

Jesus doesn’t want people to quit their jobs because they pay 7 dollars an hour, he wants them to quit and seek the one thing that will bring their lives in to focus. In the western world, fierce individualism has caused us all to believe we can do it on our own, or that we should be able to do so. The results of individualism lead to isolation, another symptom of societal dysfunction. When we face a global crisis, this dysfunction leads to introspection. There is nobility in many work. The point is not to find higher pay (that is incidental) but to find genuine purpose. Take the risk, seek the Lord.

The great resignation is symptomatic of the larger issue found only in grounding ourselves in communion with God. God already has his hand stretched out to commune with all of us and through his son we can experience a real impacting lasting transformation. Find a better job, find a better purpose, search for the Lord and his hand in your life. Jesus loves the great resignation when we use the opportunity to seek him.

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