I’m not the first to make this observation, but we can find all our problems to have a root cause in a spiritual issue. Our place in the universe defines how we respond to events. How do you see yourself? If you consider yourself an organic pain collector racing toward oblivion, that’s what you shall receive. It’s no secret that our perceptions and interpretations of our circumstances affect our mental and physical well-being. If we build our castle on sand and we identify as independent entities with no ties to a divine cause or rules, then the universe is random and chaotic and ultimately serves no purpose.

The Atheist Spiritual Problem

The atheists must generate their causal explanation for the universe; even to say there is no cause is to decide on an ontology. Why does the atheist diet? Why do they strive to succeed or do good for their families? They still answer to the innate call of order bound in all God’s creation to seek Him and return his love. The underlying belief increases the problem the atheist has that life is meaningless. Otherwise, life has meaning, and if so, how could they prove it outside of their being?

To the person who seeks and finds God, the knowledge of something greater at least meets halfway toward establishing a consistent worldview. Consistent with addressing the spiritual problem. Everything is a spiritual problem regarding sin and evil. Every choice we make leads us closer to or away from God. It’s easy to rationalize little white sins, but they have a tendency to grow. Holding every thought captive to Christ before acting helps with the spiritual problem by weighing the options and deciding to do what is right rather than easy. In this fourth turning of crisis, we will face increasing societal challenges. Some will seem to have no answer, but that is a temporal mistake. Often humanity has to reach a critical mass of awareness and the realization that we will not accept the evil and corruption that has continued for so long.

The Spiritual Problem is Identity

Everything is a spiritual problem as problems begin in the mind. When the human mind sees itself as insignificant or all-powerful, there is a problem. The identity problem presents when people don’t realize who they are in God’s creation. We are powerful temporal and spiritual creatures when we align with the creator. Know who you are, stand in your power, call on the name of Christ in your spiritual battles but only if you know him. Prayers are not spells so if you’re under spiritual attack, arm yourself first with Scripture and the Word of God. Put on the whole armor of God! Ephesians 6:12.